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My Links at the Gate
« am: 11.05.2004, 09:52:45 »
This is a collection of links to my material on the Gate's website:

Do not try to do something likewise unless you get the permission of Talamar (a.k.a. the Gate's Kobold-in-chief)!

Any stuff here is copyrighted by German law and you need my - easily obtained and given - permission to use it elsewhere.

Drow articles ... mostly in German, but Prestige Classes are not.

... Chapter 20 now covers a conversion of Irae T'sarran (again, DMs only).

My Guide to the Drow NPCs of the Forgotten Realms
(A full list with a little more information can be obtained via mail), list updated 12/2006. It will be revised once I am through with Ascendency of the Last. Characters of Lady Penitent II and III will be added, as well as one I just noted in Daughter of the Drow.)

Monster Tactics Drow
(3.0E and in German)

Drow with Class Pt. I ... a look at the drow and the classes and PrC classes open to them. Starting off with barbarians, bards, clerics and druids.

A straight link to all "my" English PrC, namely ...
- Banshee Knight (Drow PK)
- Dalharil d'lil Yochlol - Daughter of the Yochlol
- (Drow Lizard Riders - Tizzin Silinrae ("Lizard Hunters") by Xaviar Eissturm)
- Drow Priestess of Lolth
- Drow Vanguard
- Servant of the Shadowlord (i.e., Mask)

The Alu-fiend template
(with succubus & erinye pedigree - template 3,5E, the NPC still 3.0E)

My City of the Spider Queen - Revision.
It is DM's only though, unless you want to spoil the show. (Dear me, almost 5,000 clicks already!)

Unchartered Lands - Story Hour
A novelization of one of my ongoing campaigns in Thay and that Unchartered Land. Also intended to keep my players up to date with the events of the sessions.

And finally a Link to my Drow Campaign at the Gate
(Hit the sticky thread at the top ("A simple escort, she said ...") for in game talk, most of the rest is organisation stuff.

Current clack ... or rather, what's on the menue:

Drow Tactics 3,5 in English - some day

Drow with Class II - halfway through that

The Prestige Classes of Faerûn - A Collection - don't count on it this year

Revisions - Lady of Pain, Mistress of Night and The Night Paradeout of my own books

Thing here is, I've been doing a lot of revision work for the Gate these days and as these books have priority, the rest of the work is on the backburner. Recent revisions include ... Drow of the Underdark, Shadowbred, Shadowstorm, Unclean, Depths of Madness , The Howling Delve , Shattered Mask , Sacrifice of the Widow , Storm of the Dead, Stardeep, Obsidian Ridge, Lord of Stormweather, Shadow's Mask. Still on the menue are Swords of Dragonfire, Ascendancy of the Last, Maiden of Pain and - probably the shortest I'll ever write, The Night Parade. Add to that Green Ronin's Hamunaptra set and you know where my energy will be spent in the next few weeks.

Not from me, but out of Warlocko's hand are the fully statted
Drow NPCs of Menzoberranzan

NB: Most of the PrC as well as the template have been created together with my trusted Finnish friend Timo Tyrmi.
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My Links at the Gate
« Antwort #1 am: 26.06.2008, 10:41:42 »
Some info above has been brought up to date. Unchartered Lands has been put on hold for the time being, as I have to do a number of revisions first.

The NPC list will, as is said above, be updated once I am through with LP III. I may write a comment on the whole drow affair, i.e. War of the Spider Queen and Lady Penitent, after that.
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