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Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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"So today we are going to discuss the cold adaption reaction of bacteria." Abhay started his lecture in one of the oldest rooms at King's College. A long row of genius researcher and scientist have been sitting on this chairs before looking down on their mentors. Frederick Gowland Hopkins[1] sat there, in 1929 he won a nobel price, and to be honest that was Abhay Hepworth's goal too. One day he will be in line with all the great names coming from here, one day...

"By the way, does anyone know why cold stress is lethal to them?" he asked, while stopping and looking into the audience.
"Because the metabolism is down-regulated..." - "...that is true Mister O'Reagon. But as you will have noticed we are talking about membran phenomena, right? With decreasing temperature the membran fluidity is decreased as well and exchange processes are significant slower." he began to walk slowly up and down again.

"And so everybody knows, we are talking about a stress response at 20°C when it comes to temperature, so it seems bacteria mostly behave like people from nothern africa. No offense intended Miss Besma." he grinned at a girl with a muslim headscarf in the first row.

"So I guess you haven't read the article on my webpage as I asked you to do then right?"

While he continued speaking about the cold adaption of some special bacteria his glance alway stroke back to a person sitting in the last row, wearing a black suit, middle aged and looking disinterested. Abhay was sure that he had never saw this guy in any lecture he held before.

... and that is why there are good evidence, that there a two different adaption strategies in Bacillus subtilis...

In his mind he tried to recall the last lecture and seminars he gave.


"... so we see next week, same time, same place." he ended his presentation while clicking through his last slide.

As he packed his laptop in his back the black suited man came down. The light from the ceiling reflecting on his bold head.

"Mister Hepworth can I speak with you?" - "Of course, just follow the corridor in room 1.21 Miss Andrews will make an appointment for you. But you know that it is kind of late to wanted to sign in weeks after the semester started?"

The man looked confused at Abhay, not sure how to reaction: "No, I need to speak with you know, it is very important."

Abhay took his backpack and left the room: "Just follow me, I can spend a few minutes before my lab meeting starts. So what's the deal."

After a few moments he reached his office, and closed the door behind him and his guest: "Take a seat please." He offered the man, while he walked around his desk and took he seat himself. To the left and the right on his desk papers pile, looking like they are going to crash down and destroy everything, the indian man included, on their way down.

"Ahh, before I forget do you have black sunglasses?" Again the man glanzed confused at Abhay: "Yes, why do you ask?" He grasped in his pocket and brought up a black sunglas.

"I was just wondering wether you are from the MI6 or the Men in Black[2], but with that sunglases it look like you are from the M.I.B. Could you greet Will Smith if you see him, he did a fantastic job." Abhay explained his question.
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 2. Men in Black (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men_in_Black_%28Film%29)
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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The man pursed his lips as he took a breath, maybe a bit offended. Then he compelled himself to smile and answered. "No, I'm neither of. But I forgot to introduce myself to you. My name is Richard Morgenstern[1] and I'm Vice-Dean of the faculty of Biomedical Science[2]. We haven't met, yet, and it would be the Dean who had to speak to you. But he's on a congress in Virginia.", he said uncertain. "I'm pleased to meet you, Mr. Hepworth.", he added and offered his hand for shaking.

Hepworth remembered the name of the man and also some details of his background. Morgenstern had been Vice-Dean of the faculty for around 9 years now. He was a brilliant scientist and especially interested in pharmaceutical biology and cytology. Unfortunatly there were two reasons why he never was able to gain fame nor to get in a position that corresponded to his intellectual abilities. The first one was, that he had an unmistakable intuition for what kind of research was not popular to any given time (recently he found a potent drug against acne). The second one was, that he was kind of shy and uncomfortable in any human collective (he preferred the community of plants and microbes and was said to possess a large garden full of exotic herbals, flowers and bushes). So he fitted the picture of an ingenious scientist in his ivory tower, misunderstood and ignored by humanity. But perhaps he appreciated this constellation, on the other hand.

Still, he seemed to be uncertain about how to start. "The reason, I want to talk to you, is that I might make an interesting job opportunity avaible to you. Probably you've heard about the plans to connect King's College to NASA research[3] and that it was under discussion to send Dr. Freeman[4] to California for education." He paused shuddering. "I regret to inform you, that Dr. Freeman was seriously injured in a car accident, two days ago. His... spinal cord is... cut into two in height of L1. He won't be able to use his feet again, I fear." He swallowed.
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 4. Collegue of Hepworth and famous biologist fund of microbacterial research
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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"The pleasure is on my site." Abhay answered as he graped the hand.

"And I am sorry for that M.I.B. thing." He said but can't get rid of the smile in face. But as it seemed it is washed away after Morgenstern talked about the accident of Dr. Freeman: "It is terrible to hear that." Abhay said silently not able to speak up, while thinking about what it would mean to him never to be able again to walk.

"I would be a pleasure to go to California, even if the circumstances are sad. But what is the objectiv of this connection to the NASA. I mean I've heard about our assembly, but what it is for, if you leave the founding money out of the way?"

Abhay paw the ground. He thought about his teaching and current research and how this would all fit in if he had to leave for once. Just as he started his budding experiment on the insertion of photoactivated cAMP-cyclase to have the chance to study cAMP signaling in bacteria better. That would be definitely an Science paper, but on the other hand...
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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Professor Morgenstern relaxed a bit and uncertainity faded into regret. "Yes, we are all shocked by the accident. The faculty sent the best wishes for recovery." It was obvious that the fate of the young collegue got him down. He made a gesture that expressed that he would not say anymore to this.

"At least, I'm glad that you are taking the chance. To be honest, there are no declared objectives for - but it is an alliance for the future. NASA will give us the opportunity to gain access to some recent reseach issues and we share knowledge and occasionally staff, too. That was a goal, we worked for a long time and we are happy that NASA decided for us." Suddenly he said: "There is something up, I guess. This morning, I got a a call. A NASA employee called Mr. Sax asked for replacement. He sounded impetuous and urged for an appointment even this evening, 19 pm. But I cannot think of something that urgent. What do you think?" Hepworth thought, that it was really easy to read what was up with Mr. Morgenstern. He couldn't hide any emotions. Also a bad qualification for a public man.
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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"I think I will be there, where ever it is, at 19 pm and here what they've got to say..." Abhay answered, after a few moments he added: "But the meeting is not in California, right? That would mean enormous logistical work."

"So what could be so important, that a meeting so quick is necessary? And if it is important to have someone real quick why not take a scientist from america, that would be much closer for them."

"After all I am glad you came to me, that sounds very interesting, I'm kind of curious to hear what the NASA want."
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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It lasted until evening, before Abhay got to know. They met at Denny's[1] in Croydon[2]. It was the first Denny's that opened in Greatbritain and was poorly visited. Perhaps that was the reason for choosing this location.

Professor Morgestern was late and Abhay to early. A man headed towards his table and introduced himself as Mr. Sax. Apparently he knew, how Abhay looked like. He also turned out to be one of the unhurried guys. He wore jeans, a checked shirt and slip-on. Somehow he looked more like a High School teacher than a scientist.

"Well, I thank you that for the possibility of our short-dated meeting. It is quite importaned, you know?" He thought about how to start. "Well, it is all about this asteroid. Perhaps you've heard about it, but I guess not. It's upsetting, first it came out of nothingness and then it is so unpolite to enter the earth's orbit. It will collidate with us in about three weeks. But we have a plan.", he said with humor. But it was obvious that he was quite nervous. He paused. "Well, we're preparing a manned mission. Our goal is to push the asteroid out of the orbit by means of explosivs. That's it. We are busy to find the right explosives and the right men for this mission.", he scratched his head.

"Sounds crazy, doesn't it?"
 1. Systemgastronomie (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denny%E2%80%99s)
 2. Croyden: Suburb of London near Kingston (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Borough_of_Croydon)
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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"I hope you at least play some Aerosmith[1] in the off when you send this on hidden camera on tv." Abhay said as he leaned back and close his eyes for a bief moment:

"Otherwise, and I am not sure wether it's not better to be on a tv-show, what are we talking about a apocalyptic mountain hidding earth and destroying everything or more small rock just crushing a country? And why me when it comes down to explosives?" he asked and wished Richard Morgenstern were there to tell him how to react, because Abhay didn't know...
 1. I don't wanna close my eyes from Armageddon (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDmRtMLCmcg)
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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Mr. Sax laughed nervously about Abhay's joke. "Well, Mr. Hepworth, a bit of gallow's humour won't hurt, I guess. But no, we're not pulling your leg. This is deadly serious, I fear.", he said and squinched up his face. "With 3 kilometres in diametre, the asteroid is of the country devasting type. We impossibly can forecast, where it will come down and even if it will fall into the sea, tsunamis will ravage the coasts of the adjacent countries.", he gesticulated unnecessarilly to emphasize this factum.

Still, there was no evidence of Professor Morgenstern.

"Well, as I said earlier, our plan is to push the asteroid out of the earth's orbit. We will need someone who is an expert with explosives. That's none of your business, I know." He starred at Abhay, somehow a bit grim. "Microorganismen are your hobbyhorse, as we learned[1], and we're offering you a chance. You remember, that the asteroid appeared out of nowhere. Also interesting: First analyses suggest that this asteroid doesn't derive from this galaxy. The composition is mostly of matal and metal oxides but there is also frozen water. Density estimations let us presume that there are hollows with low weight. No radioactivities." said Mr. Sax with unhidden enthusiasm. "Chances are low, but we might collect evdence for biosphere in another galaxy. But we only can collect probes before we trigger the explosives, 'cause they're radioactive, though."

His face told that he was going to let the cat out of the bag. "That's why we need someone like you." But then he knitted his brows. "But we could understand if you're too busy..."
 1. allusion to Abhay's article about the "findings" of arsen-bacteria
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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His eyes went from left to right nervously. "On which side would the rights on research. Can I make my own sample and use them for my research without any interference from your side? If so I am in, if not search again."

Abhay looked at Mr. Sax concentrated, that would mean a huge step to become the number one in the field if he would find something.
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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Mr. Sax starred at Abhay. Apparently he hadn't expected that Abhay could refuse. "Don't be childish, Mr. Abhay. You'll never get an occassion like that again.", he said and added a bit more quiete, "No, I cannot promise on this. NASA will be quite reluctant to give their research to outside. But you can study it on behalve of NASA, for sure."
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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"If my name is on every publication I am in. If not you probably need to search again." Abhay answered to the condition of Mr. Sax.

"But you won't find any better candidate then me, I can promise you."
Titel: MI6 or M.I.B.
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Somehow between relief and haggardness, Mr. Sax scratched his head and murmured: "I can promise on that. Good to hear that you're in. Ähm... I guess, you want to learn about some details then." He searched for a file and handed it over to Mr. Hepworth. For the rest of the evening they discussed about the mission. Eventually, Prof. Morgenstern didn't show up.

On the next day, Hepworth took a flight to Florida and began the training.