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Themen - Peter Aldred

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[d20modern] - Expedition to Cocytus / Another Rainy Day
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15th of April 2011

„Remember, remember the fifth of November
 The gunpowder, treason and plot.
 I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason
 Should ever be forgot.[1]

Somewhere in the background noise from the streets and the surrounding flats, Peter heard Natalie Portman’s lovely voice reciting the famous Guy Fawkes-rhyme. Every child in England learned about this rhyme and this maybe most familiar scoundrel in English history[2]. Once the Bonfire Nights were a festive act to remind protestant England of the treacherous Catholics, nowadays Guy or Guido Fawkes’s Mask is more known, because it is used by the protagonist of V for Vendetta[3] or by the notorious Anonymous[4]. Most people have forgotten about Guido Fawkes’s catholic background, a fact Peter dislikes. Everyone should remember that there were religious struggles in every great nation’s history, maybe even in every nation’s history. Maybe religion was just another way of constituting might, order and reign, at least some interpreted Christianity this way since its origins. Peter agreed to some degree.

Peter, weary of this cloudy, rainy, very British day, put away the Quran[5] and stood up from his simple, wooden chair. Since the year of 1991, Peter made a simple living[6], lived in minimalistic flats and houses. He was not absolutely influenced by the Amish[7] people or by Mahatma Gandhi[8], though he paid respect to both ways, he was living simple because of his autistic sons. It was necessary not to constantly overwhelm the senses of his children. So he normally lived in small flats, which more or less looked like sickrooms within a hospital: grey floors, white walls, without any bought art or tawdriness, not even a single radio, television or computer. Only one room was always different. Since his days of study he always had managed to establish a room for his immense collection of books and papers. In his study room olive carpet lay, in the middle of the room stood his only luxury good: an old and red-brown chesterfield chair[9]. The rest of the room was filled with shelves and piles of books, he possessed huge amounts of them. But since the death of his two sons, he always read in their rooms. But he could not concentrate very well; he was, against his intend, still mourning, still grieving, still asking why.

He heard a knocking on the door. Peter looked out of his window to the church’s clock. It was 3 p.m. He did not await any visitors this afternoon, and since he had his free day, he only wore his bathrobe. “One second!” He said with his dark and warm voice. He dressed himself slowly with khaki trousers and a white shirt, put on his simple leather sandals and walked to the door. He looked back at his wooden chair. In Jo’s room stood only this chair, a simple bed and a canvas. Jo had had a photographic memory and was able to paint whole city panoramas by memory. The last peace, the city of Tehran[10], was only half-finished. But now the Quran lay on the simple, wooden chair. He fetched it and put it on a shelf within his library. Then he went back to the door. “Who is it?”, asked he in a friendly tone and looked through the peephole, then he started to unlock his door.
 1. The film V for Vendetta starts with this famous quotation.
 2. Guy Fawkes
 3. V for Vendetta
 4. Anonymous
 5. Quran
 6. Simple Living
 7. Amish
 8. Mahatma Gandhi
 10. Tehran, capital of Iran

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