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[Das System] Uhrwerk und Quanten
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Base Characteristics

Every character or creature possesses three Characteristic pools:

Soak – withstand punishment
Dash – perform feats of physical excellence
Focus – channel mind and magic

Characteristics are expendable ressources. Spent characteristic poins are fully replenished whenever the GM calls for a Recovery. This should happen after every major scene.
Some abilities or conditions (as well as crafting) require characters to Drain characteristic points. Drained points do not replenish on a Recovery until a full night's sleep.


Skill checks use percentile dice. Skill check difficulties are set (Easy 70%, Moderate 50%, Hard 20%, Heroic 0%). A character may spend points from the appropriate characteristic pool to improve their chances of success. For every 5 points spent, improve success chances by 10%. The only exception - improving chances from 90% to 100% costs 15 points.
Specializations reduce improvement costs to 3 and 10 points respectively.

Dash skills:

Focus skills:

Skill Descriptions

Acrobatics (Anzeigen)

Hide (Anzeigen)

Melee (Anzeigen)

Ride/Pilot (Anzeigen)

Shoot (Anzeigen)

Steal (Anzeigen)

Influence (Anzeigen)

Perceive (Anzeigen)

Science (Anzeigen)

Survive (Anzeigen)

Tinker (Anzeigen)

Tend (Anzeigen)

Taking turns

In structured encounters, narrative is broken up into rounds. Each round, every participant may take a turn. To determine the order in which individual turns are taken, each participant rolls a D10. A character may spend up to 10 Dash to add the number of points spent to their roll before the roll is made. The participant who rolled highest acts first, followed by the second-highest result and so on. If two or more participants share the same initiative score, they may choose who acts first, however, player characters act before GM-controlled characters.
On each turn, a character may perform 1 Trivial and 1 Action. Maintaining an effect does not require a Trivial or an Action, however, a character may only maintain up to 3 effects in a single turn.

Move/Disengage (move 1 range bracket, if disengaging from melee, spend 5 Dash or be targeted by a free Melee attack from every opponent in the engagement)
Handle Object (draw/stow items, pull levers, open/close doors etc.)

Basic Actions:
Attack (use appropriate skill+weapon)
Aid (spend 4 points from an appropriate Characteristic pool to improve one ally's chances of success by 10%. If you are aiding a Skill check with a Skill you have a Specialization in, spend only 2 points.)
Dive for Cover (spend 5 Dash to decrease enemies' success chances by 20% when attacking character until cover is destroyed/circumvent. Does not break engagements or line of sight)
Stand Up (standing up from prone, a character may spend 5 Dash to make this Action count as a Trivial)
Trivialise (perform a Trivial instead of an Action)
Cure (cure Bleeding or Poisoned condition or restore Soak via Tend skill)

Damage and Death

Any character whose Soak drops to 0 is Incapacitated (cannot perform Actions or maintain effects, must spend 5 Dash or Focus to perform a Trivial, all attacks targeting them have their difficulties decreased by 1 step) and suffers a Grave Injury. When a character amasses 5 Grave Injuries he/she dies.

Grave Injuries:
01-10: Ugly but Bearable – Bleed and become Dazed for 10 turns. This Grave Injury requires an Easy Tend check instead of a Hard one and may be applied more than once.
11-20: Winded – whenever you take damage, become dazed and slowed for 1 turn (can be triggered once per turn only).
21-30: Flesh Wound – when spending points from a Characteristic pool, spend 20% more.
31-40: Maimed Limb – choose or randomly determine a limb. When spending points from a Characteristic pool to perform Actions of Trivials involving that limb, spend 50% more. Even if a given task does not require spending points, spend 5 points. This Grave Injury may be applied more than once (to different limbs).
41-50: Wracked with Pain – increase all Skill check difficulties by 1 step (unless already Heroic).
51-60: Blow to the Head – Focus pool is halved.
61-70: Ruptured Muscle – Dash pool is halved.
71-80: Internal Bleeding – Soak pool is halved.
81-90: Crippled – character counts as Incapacitated even if their Soak is above 0.
91-100: Worse than it Seems – counts as 2 Grave Injuries (each to be healed separately). No additional effects. This Grave Injury may be applied more than once.

Grave Injuries can be recovered through resting (1 Grave Injury per week of active adventuring or 3 days of bed rest) or via Tend Skill (Difficulty – Hard (except for Ugly but Bearable). Each Grave Injury may be subject to 1 Tend check only).


Condition damage is applied at the beginning of the causing character's turn. Multiple instances of the same condition are cumulative and have their own separate durations.

Burning – suffer 5 damage each turn.
Poisoned – suffer 2 damage each turn.
Slowed – Moving, Disengaging and Standing Up cost +5 Dash.
Hidden – cannot be targeted by actions unless spotted via Perceive Skill or special Actions. Attacking while Hidden decreases an attack's difficulty by 2 steps and cancels this condition.
Dazed – check success chance reduced by 10%.
Stunned – cannot take Actions or Trivials, cannot maintain effects.
Blinded – has no line of sight to any creature or object. All checks requiring sight have their difficulty increased by 2 steps. A blinded character may perform attacks against targets it is able to feel or hear (or smell, if they have the Scent Species Trait) with increased difficulty; attacks that hit automatically (even magical attacks) require a Moderate Skill check.
Bleeding – suffer 2 damage or lose 2 Dash each turn.
Restrained – cannot move, disengage or stand up. Restrainment can be broken by spending an amount of Dash (which does not have to happen at once).
Suffocating – suffer 4 damage or suffer 2 damage and lose 2 Dash or Focus each turn.
Invigorated – regain 2 Soak, 2 Dash OR 2 Focus each turn.
Deafened – unable to use Perceive to detect sounds. Checks for social interaction have their difficulties increased by 1 step. Checks made to influence a Deafened target have their difficulty increased by 2 steps.
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I loathe to breathe, I loathe to feel,
I loathe to know that what I hate's still real,
I'm tired of waking up into the same old shape,
I yearn to end it, but there's no escape...

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[Das System] Uhrwerk und Quanten
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Character Creation

1. Distribute 90 points freely among all three Characteristic pools. No Characteristic pool may have a value lower than 15.
2. Pick a Species.
3. Pick a Class. Gain its Signature Action.
4. Pick up to two Quirks.
5. Choose two languages.
6. Spend 100 XP on any eligible Class- or non-Class advances.
7. Gain 500 Pelargon Aurum you may spend to buy gear. You may assume your character possesses several items of everyday life or minor knick-knacks like grooming utensils, diaries, pocket lighters or similar objects without having to pay extra Aurum.


Humans as playable characters (Anzeigen)

Cath as playable characters (Anzeigen)

Skaly as playable charachters (Anzeigen)

Mykoi as playable characters (Anzeigen)

Mort as playable characters (Anzeigen)

Koira as playable characters (Anzeigen)

Androids as playable characters (Anzeigen)

Tellians as playable characters (Anzeigen)

Ophidians as playable characters (Anzeigen)


In Skyless:Geondia, a Class can represent a character's job (like Bodyguard or Navigator), their modus operandi in critical situations (like Diplomat or Blademaster) or an well-honed area of expertise (like Pyromancer or Jockey). A Class is by no means a life-time sentence – once a character has achieved perfection in one area, they can move on and broaden their horizon.

Each Class has a Primary, a Secondary and a Tertiary characteristic.

Primary – starts at +10, advance cost 3 XP per point.
Secondary – starts at +5, advance cost 6 XP per point.
Tertiary – starts at +0, advance cost 9 XP per point.

Bodyguard (Anzeigen)

Healer (Anzeigen)

Blademaster (Anzeigen)

Pyromancer (Anzeigen)

Geomancer (Anzeigen)

Maleficus (Anzeigen)

Marksman (Anzeigen)

Gunslinger (Anzeigen)

Scoundrel (Anzeigen)

Brute (Anzeigen)

Jockey (Anzeigen)

Navigator (Anzeigen)

Diplomat (Anzeigen)

Field Researcher (Anzeigen)

Operative (Anzeigen)

Weird scientist (Anzeigen)

Aeromancer (Anzeigen)

Aquamancer (Anzeigen)


Quirks reflect minor or major aptitudes or personality traits that have an impact on their abilities. Quirks grant minor bonusses, or greater advantages combined with drawbacks.

Animal Whisperer (Anzeigen)

Child of the Modern Age (Anzeigen)

Geek (Anzeigen)

Herold of Entropy (Anzeigen)

Kleptomaniac (Anzeigen)

Linguist (Anzeigen)

Optimist (Anzeigen)

Pacifist (Anzeigen)

Paranoid (Anzeigen)

Skinny (Anzeigen)

Social Butterfly (Anzeigen)

Whacky Repairs (Anzeigen)

Up Close and Dirty (Anzeigen)

The Sniper's Eye (Anzeigen)

Character Progression

A character must master their current Class before they can pick a new one. Mastering a Class requires purchasing all eligible class Specializations and all three Advanced Actions. XP spent to raise characteristics or purchase non-Class advances do not count toward mastering a Class.
Once a character has mastered a Class, they may opt to choose a new one. When doing so, they keep all abilities gained from previously mastered Classes and gain their new Class's Signature Action. From this moment on, the newly selected Class becomes the character's current Class and determines their current advancement options (characteristic improvement costs, Specializations and Advanced Actions).

Non-Class Advances:
Non-Class Specialization (Cost: 60 XP)
Language (Cost: 30 XP)
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I loathe to breathe, I loathe to feel,
I loathe to know that what I hate's still real,
I'm tired of waking up into the same old shape,
I yearn to end it, but there's no escape...

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[Das System] Uhrwerk und Quanten
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Every adventurer needs some kind of tools, be it weapons, measuring devices or survival gear. All prices are given in Pelargon Aurum.


There are many instruments designed to capture living beings or kill them outright. Some weapons share special properties given below.

Weapon Properties:

Two-handed: requires two free hands to wield.
Shrapnel: causes Bleeding for 3 turns on a hit.
Snare: causes Restrain (5 Dash) on hit. Restrain can be maintained until broken or until weapon is manipulated/used again.
Autofire: when attacking with this weapon, a character may choose to increase the attack's difficulty by 2 steps to deal double damage on hit. Attacks that cause automatic successes require a Moderate check when utilising Autofire.
Detonation: after resolving an attack, weapon is destroyed
Scatter: Increase Damage to targets within 0 range increments by 2. Increase Damage to targets beyond 0 range increments but within 1 range increment by 1. Decrease Damage to targets beyond 1 range increment but within 2 range increments by 1. Decrease Damage to targets beyond 2 range increments by 2.

Melee Weapons

GarotteFlexible235Two-handed, Snare, Asphyxiation: when Restrained by this weapon, a creature Suffocates every turn it spends restrained

Ranged Weapons

NameTypeDamageRange:Difficulty (Easy-Moderate-Hard-Heroic)ReloadPriceSpecial
Hunting rifleFirearm92-4-5-6Action150Two-Handed
Military rifleFirearm92-4-5-6Trivial400Two-Handed, Autofire
ShurikenSimple20-1-2-3Trivial5Two Peas in a Pod: can draw up to 2 Shuriken with a single Trivial or throw up to 2 Shuriken with a single Action without increasing difficulty.
Rocket spearSimple82-3-4-6Trivial40Detonation, Shrapnel
ShardbowSimple72-4-5-6Action600Two-Handed, Sound Lance: ignores 2 points of Protection. When an attack roll is a double or an automatic hit, target is Deafened for 3 turns.
ShotgunFirearm81-2-4-5Action200Two-Handed, Scatter


Armor and shields mitigate non-condition damage before it is applied to Soak but after any other mitigating effects or abilities have been resolved. Shield Protection is cumulative with armor Protection; multiple suits of armor worn simultaneosly (if it is possible at all) are not.

Simple shield130none
Sturdy leathers130none
Stormtroopers Harness2150Clattering Iron: increase the difficulty of all Hide checks made to move unnoticed by 1 step
Archaic plate armor3250Heavy Metal: increase the difficulty of all Hide checks made to become Hidden or move unnoticed by 1 step (i.e. becoming Hidden with Spot Difficulty Easy requires a Moderate check and so on)
Prototype exoskeleton52000Artificial Muscles: increases Dash pool by 5 while worn


All kinds of useful or luxurious equipment.

Camouflage net30
Clothing (poor to royal)1-100
Electric torch5
Electronic abacus150
First aid kit45
Hempen rope, 30 meter10
Mechanic's tools45
Thermo-isolated clothing50
Watch (simple to prestigious)25-500
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I loathe to breathe, I loathe to feel,
I loathe to know that what I hate's still real,
I'm tired of waking up into the same old shape,
I yearn to end it, but there's no escape...