Autor Thema: Fremde in einem fremden Land  (Gelesen 1578 mal)

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Der Tod

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Fremde in einem fremden Land
« am: 02.06.2016, 22:40:38 »
Bitte hier jeweils einen Post mit euren Charakterbögen machen!
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Mosaic - The Flowers of Montezuma: culture clash in colonial Mexico


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Fremde in einem fremden Land
« Antwort #1 am: 05.06.2016, 00:22:47 »

Name: Suri

  • Curious eyes
  • Long hair
  • Cotton clothing
  • Colourful embroidery
  • Boylike body

Vagabond: +1 Filipino. Highlight Understanding. It costs 1 Experience less to Find a Reliable Ally.

  • Exile: +1 African and Aztec. Highlight Cunning or Inspiration.
  • Buddhist: +1 Japanese.
  • +1 Filipino
AggressionFilipinoResourcefulYou are talented.Initiate Interaction - Interaction begins if you offer a gift.Use your skills for someone else.Handy Tools
DisciplineAfricanSurvivorYou are strong-willedTravel (Guard) - You find an opportunity to ambush them.Dwell on a memoryLight Bow
CunningJapaneseSellswordYou are notorious.Avoid - Narrowly sidestep an attack.Spread your reputation.Painted Fan
Understanding AztecCurandero HealerYou are wise.Care - Their condition improves greatly, in strange ways.Care for a patient.Healing Herbs, Makeshift Dictionary
Inspiration FilipinoWandering StarYou are amiableTravel (Leader) - You meet someone who might help you.Make a new contact.Staff, Unsellable Pearl
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Takashi Morinozuka

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Fremde in einem fremden Land
« Antwort #2 am: 05.06.2016, 01:41:29 »

Surname: Morinozuka
First Name: Takashi
Catholic Name: Dom Mori

  • Piercing eyes
  • Ponytail
  • Quick hand
  • Straw sandals
  • Sinewy body

Way of the Warrior: Japanese +1. Highlight Aggression. It costs 1 Experience less to Rethink or Train.

  • Ronin: +2 Japanese. Highlight Discipline or Cunning.
  • Catholic: +1 Spanish.
  • +1 African
Aggression AfricaGuerillaYou are fierceIntimidate - They will give in if you are a stranger to themPlan a tacticKatana, War Paint
DisciplineSpanishIroneaterYou are toughHold - Take the hit and counterattackRepair your armorAdditional Armor (+1 category)
Cunning JapaneseSellswordYou are notoriousAvoid - Narrowly sidestep an attackSpread your reputationElegant Wakizashi, Assassination Order
UnderstandingJapaneseInner CalmYou are composedRead - Ask: What do I truly think or feel myself?Practice fine artCalligraphy Set
InspirationJapaneseSword SaintYou are imposingCall - Challenge the main threat to focus on youPrepare for deathDemon Mask

Trained proficiency:
  • Lamellar armor (medium)
  • Large pistol
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